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The Tutorial will guide you
through all of the procedures
you need to follow for taking
 free courses from us to earn
your degree.            Doc Van

Some people do not want to earn a degree but still want to take
the courses.  This is called monitoring courses.  This is allowed
because we want everyone to learn.  If you want to monitor
the courses, please contact us through the MONITORING
form and inform us that you are going to do so.
This allows us to properly handle your tests by routing them
to a Monitoring Only file.  While monitoring courses,
please do not submit any forms for those courses
except the original MONITORING COURSES
form informing us that you are doing so and
Password Requests to retrieve passwords.
Please enter "No Credit" on all tests
in the field marked "User Name."

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1. ADMINISTRATIVE/PRODUCTION FEE of $50.00 USD per month is required if you are taking video courses for credit to earn a degree.
     This fee is to facilitate record-keeping and production.
2. If you can prove financial hardship, the fee will be waived.  Click the following link to access the financial hardship FEE WAIVER form.
3. If you are Monitoring Only, not for credit, then we do not keep your records and no Administrative Fee is required.
    However, if you start as a student who is Monitoring Only, you cannot transfer any of those classes to For Credit status because we do not keep records for students who are Monitoring Only.  Should you decide to switch to For Credit status you must submit an Application and begin your studies over from the beginning as a registered student.  At that time you will begin paying the Administrative/Production Fee.

Please read and follow ALL of the instructions on this page.
Failure to follow instructions may result in disallowance of coursework and disallowance of tests resulting in a loss of credits.

- Email address -
You must use the email address submitted on your Application form on all forms and tests.  If you change your email or want to use a second email address, then please submit a Change Of Email form.  To access the form,

If you are taking classes for credit, please submit Begin Sign In form when you begin each course and then submit a Finish Sign In form when you finish the entire course.  Without those forms you cannot receive credit for the course.

1. This link is to a
COURSE RECORD FORM that you can download in your preferred format.  Close that window to return here when you are finished downloading the form.  Download and keep a copy of that form for every course that you are going to take.  Record all pertinent course information in the appropriate blanks provided on that form.  You will need that information when you submit future forms and password requests and it will also help you stay on schedule.  You can print a copy to use externally or you can download the copy in one of the word-processor formats and use it internally in your computer.  Either way, make sure you keep it up-to-date with all information as you progress through the course.
2. Students are also required to report their grades for verification to the Administrative Office every 6 months.  This is accomplished by means of the Transcript and Grades Form. TRANSCRIPT and GRADES FORMTo access that form, click that link.  Your computer will ask you to specify where the form download is to be saved.  Specify somewhere you will be able to easily find it.
To access an instruction video explaining use of the form, click HERE and scroll down to the video entitled
How to Use the Transcript and Grades Template.  Update that form every time you start a course and every time you pass a quiz/test.
ATTENTION: Be sure to submit a copy of the form to the college every six (6) months to keep your Academic File current.  Keep updating the same form and add the new information to it and send a copy of it to the college. Do not use a different form each time.

In general, credits are figured according to the following schedule.  One credit being awarded per one-quarter course, two per semester, six per year.  This general schedule of one credit per quarter course may be superceded by specific credit awards stated on individual course pages.

These may be superceded by specific instructions given on the course main page.

  • Each section generally requires 1 class-hour of attendance per lesson.  (A class-hour may vary from 30 minutes to 55 minutes in length.)

  • Look up every scripture referenced in the textbook and/or workbook and in the video lecture.

  • Homework:
    With some courses you will fill in the workbook while viewing the lecture.
    In some courses you will complete the homework before logging in to view the lesson lecture.
    Some courses will be a combination of those two processes.  There will be instructions given in the individual course or in the lectures.

  • Stop and take any tests indicated.
    Open Book Tests:
    Any tests that are "open book" means that you may use all study materials (workbook, textbook, downloaded video lessons, Bible, etc.) while taking the tests.
       EXACT ANSWERS: Those tests that are open book often require the exact answer from the lecture, textbook, workbook, or Bible, whichever of the study materials are appropriate for the question.  Incorrect answers, spelling, punctuation, extra spaces before or after or anywhere in the answer, will cause the answer to be scored as "Incorrect."  Along with the privilege of using your study materials and taking an "open book" test comes the responsibility of giving the answers to questions verbatim from those study materials, including the lectures, wherever required.
    Closed Book Tests:
        If a test is "closed book" it will be plainly indicated as such.  "Closed book" means you cannot use any study materials, including the video lecture, while taking the test.  Nor can you be assisted by anyone.  Those tests must be taken completely from memory and you will be required to sign a Closed Book Test Contract form binding you to a legal agreement that you will take that test in that manner.

  • You may NOT go on to the next section until you have passed the test for the current section of the course and found all of the answers in the textbook, workbook, or lecture, to any questions missed on the current test, whether you passed it or not.  The attendance for the next Lesson begins on the next day after passing the test and finding the correct answers to any questions missed.


        Make sure you read and submit the TESTING INSTRUCTION AGREEMENT if you have not already done so.  Only one (1) Testing Instruction form is required per student.  If you do not submit a Testing Instructions form you will not know your "User Name" and, therefore, you will not be able to correctly fill out the information page of the tests.  And without a Testing Instructions form in your file your tests will be disallowed and they will not be credited to you.

  • You may NOT take more than one test in any one subject on one day except on the rare occasion when you are specifically instructed to do so.  If you fail a test, you MAY NOT attempt that test again on the same day.  You must restudy the textbook, the workbook, the video lecture, and your Bible (whichever is appropriate) and find all of the correct answers to the questions missed.  A copy of each test is automatically sent to you and you may use the correct answers listed on it to verify that you have found the correct answers in the appropriate study materials.  This is required before you retake the test, which you can do no sooner than the next day.

  • When you receive a passing score on a test you are required to find all of the correct answers in your textbook, workbook, or Bible, whichever is appropriate, for every question missed on the test even though you received a passing score.  A copy of each test is automatically sent to you and you may use the correct answers listed on it to verify that you have found the correct answers in the appropriate study materials.  This is required before you go on to the next lesson.

  • Sometimes the tests do not open when you first download them.
    1. If the problem persists or you find that opening tests is an intermittent problem, the first step you should take is to download a fresh copy of Adobe Flash.  Sometimes that program becomes corrupted.  A new copy can be downloaded for free at
    2. There can also be a slight quirk in some computers that causes them to have a bit of a problem processing the opening page of the tests, generally because of filters or security settings on the computer.  If you get a blank page, please refresh the page and the tests will open.  Either click the refresh icon or press F5 to refresh the page and open the test.  On rare occasions, depending on your internet connection and your computer, it may take several refreshes to open the test.  If the test still will not open, even after several attempts to refresh the page, then download a fresh copy of Adobe Flash as instructed in the previous section.  If that does not resolve the issue, then please contact us via the
    CONTACT US form and explain the problem.  Upon receipt of the form we will attempt to help you resolve the problem.

Attendance/study/testing requirements.

          Most courses require 1 session of class attendance per lesson and some may require 2 or more per lesson.  The course main page will always list the attendance requirement for the entire course and also will give the attendance requirement per lesson.  Make a note of that attendance information on your COURSE RECORD FORM for the course because you will need it later.

  • If you proceed faster than the required pace, then you will not retain the information in the text.

  • Minimum attendance for each course must be met.  Tests must be spaced at least the minimum required weekly attendance apart.  No course has less than 4 weeks minimum attendance required overall.

  • If a course is marked "not yet available" then proceed to the next course in the list.

  • All courses require use of the King James Bible.  If you do not have one (or even if you do) then you can download a free Bible program from our study helps page.  Click HERE to go to the study helps page to download your free King James Bible and bible study program.  Once you are done with that page you may close that window to return here to proceed with your courses.


Practical Christian Ministry   
   If you are actively involved in a ministry in your local Church on a regular basis, then you are eligible for 1 credit per quarter (6 credits per year) for practical Christian ministry.  This course is a Local Church course and can only be taken if you are member serving in a local Church.  If you are not an active member of a local Church then obviously you cannot be actively involved in a ministry of a local Church and, therefore, you are not eligible to take this course and you are exempted from taking it.
  There are no textbooks or videos for this course.  It is a practical service course for which you can receive up to 6 credits per year.
  The requirement is that you submit quarterly report forms.

Critical Thinking    

    To carry out the command given to us in the Great Commission we must teach the students/members to critically analyze their beliefs using the Bible as the standard of judgment of right and wrong, truth and falsity. We will begin carrying out that responsibility by teaching Critical Thinking methods so the disciples can learn the truths that God has given to them, their reasons for believing each of those truths, and how to logically defend those truths against falsity and the purveyors of false teachings.  (2 credits)


This class is designed to teach the basics, the essential starting point, for the Christian life.  (1 credit)


New Testament Survey

    A bare-bones survey of the New Testament.  (4 credits)


Answers the question, "Why do the righteous suffer?"  (5 credits)


   Basic Typing and Sentence Formatting

  In this course you will learn the basics of touch-typing and sentence formatting.  In order to do this you will learn and practice typing skills on a free downloadable program named TypeFaster.  As you progress you will practice speed and accuracy.  First while looking at the keyboard and then, later, without looking at the keyboard.  You will also learn some basic sentence formatting such as capitalization, proper use of case, and punctuation.  (4 credits)
NOTE:  There are no video lectures in this course.