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  NOTE: There are no videos to go along with this course.

In this course you will learn the basics of touch-typing and sentence formatting.  In order to do this you will learn and practice typing skills on a free downloadable program named TypeFaster.  As you progress you will practice speed and accuracy.  First while looking at the keyboard and then, later, without looking at the keyboard.  You will also learn some basic sentence formatting such as capitalization, proper use of case, and punctuation.

To assess your progress you will make regular reports and submit tests which will assess your progress from level to level.

Once you successfully complete Lesson 10 in this course you will be expected, from that time onward, to submit all forms and communications with SLBCV using correct format concerning proper use of case for names and the beginning letters of sentences, proper punctuation, and correct spelling.  This will include all emails sent to SLBCV.

After completing Lesson 12 you will be required, at an absolute minimum, to use basic sentence structure as utilized in the five examples learned in that lesson.

    The courses offered by us are college-level courses.  Therefore, the students are expected to submit correspondence with SLBCV, including all forms, tests, and emails, with college level proficiency.  Because many of our students are not from the USA and many students from the USA as well as other countries are new to computer use, we realize that their proficiency in typing and use of the computer keyboard may cause their submitted work to be below college level because of that lack of proficiency.  Therefore, this course is a required course for all students.

I have also observed that emailing and texting has made many people extremely lazy, or unconcerned, about proper usage of case, capitalization, and other elements of basic sentence structure.  When you add to that the atrocious proficiency level in English and grammar for High School graduates and even college graduates in the USA today, then a basic course such as this one becomes an absolute necessity.  That is the reason for this course and why it is required for all students.  It will offer the student the basics for typing and sentence formatting to offset the lack of that training in our schools today in the USA and to train the students in the basics who are from other countries who's proficiency is not, understandably, the best because English is not their native language.

This is not, by any means, an English or grammar course.  It is simply a primer course in basic Typing and Sentence Formatting.

Student will be awarded 4 credits for successful completion of this course.

The following are the attendance numbers you will input on your Begin Sign In form for this course.  You will also need to record these numbers on your Course Record form on which you are required to record all information pertinent to this course.
Minimum required attendance for the course is 32 weeks.
Minimum required attendance per lesson is 1 week.
  (This is only the minimum requirement.  There is no maximum requirement.)

You must turn in a Typing Report Form for each lesson to verify that you have met the stated scoring minimums as stated in the notes for that lesson.  Do not submit that form until after you have met the minimum attendance per lesson requirement.
     NOTE:  One of the requirements of the course is that you reach Words per Minute levels that increase with the progression of the lessons.  If you have a physical problem that prevents you from reaching the wpm requirements, please send us an email detailing the problem and we will consider granting you an exemption from that particular requirements.  Please title the email: "Exemption from wpm for the typing course."

To begin the course submit the Begin Sign In Form to start your attendance record.

TESTING:  Make sure you read and submit the Testing Instructions form if you have not already done so.

You will need this program to practice your typing.  There is a link to download it in the Textbook.  However, some people have a problem downloading it from the third-party site.
We now have a direct link to the program.  You can access it by clicking this link, TypeFaster.  If you download it from this link then you will NOT have to download it again from within the textbook.
    To download and install the program:
        1. Click the HERE link above.
        2. Click the "
TypeFaster-v0.4.2-install.exe" link when it appears.
        3. Follow the instructions that your computer will give you to RUN the program.
        4. After the program is downloaded and installed, close that page to return to this page.

Lesson test links are included in textbook in both formats.
Click Textbook htmlto access the course  in html.
Click Textbook pdf to access the course textbook in pdf.