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  • If you are actively involved in a ministry in your local church on a regular basis, then you are eligible to receive 1 credit per quarter (6 credits per year which includes the summer semester of 2 quarters for 2 credits) for practical Christian ministry experience.  "Actively involved" is defined as being involved at least 1 hour per week in some type of Church ministry.  This would include maintenance and other types of support ministries.

  • If you are not currently a member of a local Church then you are ineligible to take this course because it requires participation in a regular ministry in a local Church.  In that case you are not required to take this course.

  • If you are NOT the pastor of the church where you are a member, then you will need to have your pastor confirm your participation in a local church ministry.  For the Pastor's Ministry Confirmation form, please click HERE.
       He will need to submit the Ministry Confirmation form once each year.

  • If you ARE the pastor of a church, then confirmation is NOT needed for you for as long as you are the pastor.
      Simply turn in your Quarterly Report Forms.

  • Quarterly Reports:
    All students, pastor or not, must fill out quarterly
    reports in order to receive practical Christian ministry credits.
    - 1st quarter report due last week of October - overdue first day of November.
    - 2nd quarter report due mid-December - overdue first day of January.
    - 3rd quarter report due mid-February - overdue first day of March.
    - 4th quarter report due mid-April - overdue first day of May.
    - 5th quarter (early summer) report due mid-June - overdue first day of July.
    - 6th quarter (late summer) report due mid-August - overdue first day of September.

    Late reports: 
    All reports are considered late if they are not sent in by the last day of the month in which they are due.  If you send them on the 1st day of the following month or any time after that day up to the end of that school year, then you must file a LATE REPORT.  See NOTE: below for information on the deadline to file a late report and how to file such a report.

  • This is the link to the quarterly report form: Quarterly Report Form.

  • NOTE: Deadline to file report:
        If you forget to file a quarterly report before the end of the month in which it is due, then you must file a "late" quarterly report before the end of that online school year (midnight, August 31st) to receive credit.  If you fail to file your late report before the end of that school year, then you will not receive credit for that particular quarter.  Use the regular Quarterly Report Form for this late filing and click on the "late report" box.  You are only allowed ONE late quarterly report per year.

  • Sign In form:  Submit one BEGIN SIGN IN FORM before starting this course.  Only one Begin Sign In form is required.  Submit it when you first begin this course.  Do not submit additional Begin Sign In forms unless you have skipped a quarter because you were not involved in a ministry and you are starting the course again for a new quarter.
    Enter the following figures on the Begin Sign In Form:
      1. Minimum required attendance per lesson is 0 weeks.  (There are no weekly lessons for this course.)
      2. Minimum required attendance for the course is 8 weeks.  (Which is one quarter.)

  • You do not need to submit a FINISH SIGN IN FORM for this course.  Your quarterly report forms will be submitted in its place each quarter.

  • NOTE: There are no video lectures for this course.