Salt Lake Bible College (Video)



1. BIBLE:  You must read every scripture referenced in the course videos and in the required Textbook and Workbook.
2. Keep the corresponding Workbook open while viewing the video and write the answers for the blanks on a separate piece of paper or into a wordprocessor and keep them in your computer.
3. You must complete the Textbook and the Workbook before submitting your Finish Sign In form for the course.
-   Because of time constraints, sometimes the videos are not able to cover all of the lessons in the  Textbook/Workbook.  If this happens you are still required to complete the Textbook/Workbook and complete the corresponding Lesson Tests, if any, before you submit your Finish Sign In Form and take your Final Test.
4. STOP/START:  You may pause the video at any point and/or rewind it if you need to do so.
5. Access the WORKBOOK.  You will need the workbook while you view the video lecture.
    Print the workbook and fill in the blanks while watching the lecture.  If you do not want to print the workbook, write the answers on a separate sheet of paper or write them into a wordprocessor page and keep them on your computer.
Submit the Begin Sign In form.
NOTE: When you submit forms always indicate you are submitting them for the Video College.
Required minimum attendance per lesson is 3 weeks.
Required minimum attendance for the course overall is 28 weeks.
     Course is worth 3.5 credits.

Access the textbook Systematic Theology by Thiessen
NOTE: You must read the entire textbook before completing this course.
  Complete the Workbook while you view the Video Lectures.  Read the entire textbook.

Theology I. Video Lectures can be accessed below.
(Be sure your Administrative/Production fee is current before you start this course.)

Required Workbook: Theology by Dr. T.E. VanBuskirk.
If you do not know how to view the Lecture and the Workbook side by side, an INSTRUCTION VIDEO is available to show you this process. 

Should you want to print the workbook and use it for study, that is quite acceptable.  Simply follow along in it while viewing the appropriate lesson video.









This Final Test is "open book."
That means you can use all study materials while taking the test.

There is a time limit on the test.
Passing score is 100%.

Theology I.